OneWorld Classrooms



Below is a list of individuals, schools and organizations that have supported OneWorld Classrooms and our mission. If you would like to make a tax-deductible contribution, please click the DONATE NOW button at the top of this or any OWC Web page.

We – and the teachers and students who benefit from your support – extend a special THANK YOU to all who have helped us build cross-cultural understanding in local and global K-12 classrooms!

Organizations, Foundations and Corporations

The Foley Hoag Foundation
Boston Centers for Youth and Families (City of Boston)
McGraw Hill Companies
Armenian Library and Museum of America (ALMA)
The Avery Arts Foundation
Metlife Foundation
National Association of Elementary School Principals Foundation
Bain Capital Childrens Charity
The Freeman Foundation
The Shanghai Rotary Club
Dr. Apara Sharma and Andover Family Dental
The Shelley & Donald Rubin Foundation
Target, Inc.
Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.

Classes and Schools

The A. D. Oliver Middle School Student Council
Nancy Schwartz’ Kindergarten Class at the Beverly Montessori School in Chicago, IL
The Global Citizens Club at Casa Grande High School Associated School Body in Casa Grande, CA
Linda Buice’s 3rd Grade Class at the Cohen Elementary School in Elmira Heights, NY
The Germantown Academy 5th Grade (and Dance-a-thon Participants) in Fort Washington, PA
The Glen Worden School and PTA in Scotia, NY
Kiddie Academy of Collegeville
Lincoln IB World Middle School
Mary Beth Morris’s 3rd Grade Class at the Mifflin Elementary School in Philadelphia, PA
The 1st and 2nd Grade Classes at the Montessori Magnet School in Albany, NY
The Saratoga Independent School
Katy Dodge’s 1st Grade Class at the Savannah Country Day School in Savannah, GA
The Siena College Peace Studies Department
Stafford Intermediate School


Ladonna and Albert Abravaya
Brett Alessi
Brent Asplundh
Manuel and Sylvia Averbuch
Nolan Averbuch
Steven Averbuch and Rachel Rivest
Gary and Nancy Banks
Kate Banks
Theodora Bibila and Evstratios Vandris
Julia Blumenreich
Iris Davis Brownstein
Marianne Cashman
Constance Ceberek
Roy Chan
Phyllis and Michael Chauveau
Namuk Cho
Kyle and Melissa Clack
Suzanne Cochran
Joseph Coyne
Matthew J. and Cherie A. Cross
Amanda Crowley
Lawrence and Kelly Dalsemer
Maxine Dalsemer
Abigail Darby
Joshua Davis
Jeffrey and Karen Dayno
Troy Dec and Holly Hastings
Carol and David Delucca
Ara M. Demirjian
Karen Aykanian Demirjian
Joseph N. DiBello and Michele V. DiBello
Sally Donnelly
David and Beverly Dougherty
Amy Durland
Laura and James Eagan
Alison Elmer
Gary S. Finkelstein, M.D. and Phyllis M. Finkelstein
Voltaire Escalona and Karen Gallagher
Judith Felgoise
Jane Ferrier
Mike Fitzpatrick
Nelson Garcia and Maria Elena Fernandez
Steven Gaziano
Steven and Kathleen Gibbs
Lisa Glickstein
Harry A. Glorikian and Katrina A. Menzigian
Vincent Gonzales
Corey Griffin
Joan Hennessy
Debra and Martin Hightower
H.W. and Mary Hill
Susan Hill
Julia Hirsch
Peter Honig and Susan Flamm Honig
David Howse
Laura Keeler
Sandy Kiley
Jooé Kim and Victor Sheen
John Kimball
Kendall Kirby
John and Amy Donahue Korman
Matthew Kurtz and Andrea Wasserman Kurtz
Bruce and Sally Jo Lamont
Cinthia Lawes
Christopher J. and Christine E. Lagussy
Lauren LeSanto
Nate Leung
Priya Linson
Sandy King-Naber and Peter Naber
Mark Douglas and Karen Sue Marion
Shane McMahon
Sharon McNamara
Charles and Johnette Meidt
Jeff Miller
Elaine Mills
Ann M. Morales-Ear
Ryan Murphy
Joseph Namutungi
Nina Nazarian
Sir Ngugi
Brandy Fluker Oakley
Elizabeth Olear
Elizabeth Palmer
Maria Gomes Parker and James Parker
Corwin Parker
Diego Portillo
Vasser Price
Peter Ritz and Sara Krupnick
Samantha Rissinger
Gabrielle Russomagno and Paul Mezey
Catherine R. Sacks
Leila Saliba
Serene and Jacob Saliba
Thomas and Rita Saliba
Cassie Sancartier
Susan and Stuart Sarshik
Apexa and Arun Savani
John and Heather Schaefer
Arthur and Rita Schell
Douglas Schleischer and Aili Lazaar
Thomas and Loren Sciasia
Michael Semel
Rebecca Sender
Susan Shanley
Lisa Sheridan
Heather and Ken Shows
Mary and Gary Silow
Charlie Smith
David and Cory Smull
Metro Solomon
Jennifer Stewart
Elizangela Storelli
Suzanne Sullivan
Frank Tornetta, Jr.
Shawn Towne
Fé van den Broeke
Carmen Vazquetzell
Matthew S. and Jo Ann Veres
Christopher and Lori Worrell
Honghui Zhou and Zijie Zhuang

If you would like to make a tax-deductible contribution, please click here.