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Global Collaboration Day – Classroom Conversations with the World

Welcome to our Global Collaboration Day event about Classroom Conversations with the World!

This event is free of charge. (To participate in our other Global Collaboration Day event, about our K-12 Global Art Exchange, click here.)

Required: To access the event’s corresponding VoiceThread, SIGN UP HERE (for free) OR send an Email to with your name, Email address, school name, grade level, city/town, state/province and country.

The theme for our simulated Classroom Conversation will be ‘Water Around Us.’ Photograph by participating high school student.

During the event, participating teachers and students from around the world will navigate the event VoiceThread to simulate participation in our Classroom Conversations with the World program, sharing documents and conversing electronically about the theme, ‘Water Around Us.’ Along the way, we will show you how to use VoiceThread to share multimedia content and facilitate online conversations with global partners, and we will provide detailed information about participating in and registering for the Classroom Conversations with the World program.

Since VoiceThread allows asynchronous communication, you may access and participate in the VoiceThread ANY TIME. You may observe the VoiceThread without registering separately for VoiceThread; however, if you and/or your students would like to participate in the VoiceThread (i.e. make posts and add content), you will need to register for a free VoiceThread account. You may do so at (choose the Register link at the top right) or following the instructions on the event page.

Easy 5-Step Instructions for Participating in the Event

  1. Sign up here or send an an Email to with your name, Email address, school name, grade level, city/town, state/province and country. Upon sign up, we will send you an Email invitation to access the event’s VoiceThread. The Email will be from OneWorld Classrooms and the subject will be ‘Join OneWorld Classrooms’ VoiceThread discussion, Classroom Conversations with the World.’ Save this Email for future reference. It will allow you to access and participate in the VoiceThread ANY TIME. You may revisit the VoiceThread multiple times to continue participation.
  2. Click the JOIN button in the Email you receive. This will open the event’s VoiceThread in your browser. You will be on the first page of the VoiceThread.
  3. The theme for the simulated conversation in this VoiceThread will be ‘Water Around Us.’ The guiding questions for this theme are: ‘How do you access and use water in your environment?’ and ‘What, in your environment, illustrates why water is important to you?’ Teachers and students may OBSERVE (view only) or PARTICIPATE in (contribute to the conversation by making posts and/or adding content) in the conversation. To observe, you need not register separately for VoiceThread.
  4. To participate, sign in (if you already have a VoiceThread account) or sign up for a FREE account. To sign up for a free account, click SIGN IN at the top right of the event VoiceThread (or go to and click Register at the top right). Click ‘Register now’ (under the SIGN IN button where it says, ‘Don’t have an account. Register now.’) and complete the form.
  5. Follow the instructions in the VoiceThread for making posts, contributing content and interacting with your global peers.

Additional Instructions

You’ll encounter these instructions in the context of the VoiceThread, so you need not read them here (unless you prefer to). If you would like to contribute content to the VoiceThread, though, please see #5 below.

  1. Navigate the VoiceThread using the forward and back buttons (bottom right) and clicking on embedded text, audio and video posts (left column). Click on the double square (bottom right) to view all slides.
  2. Make your own text, audio or video posts or ask questions using the COMMENT button (bottom center).
  3. Add multimedia content related to the conversation theme (student art, videos, photos, documents, etc.) by clicking the large + sign in All Slides View.
  4. Keep checking back into the VoiceThread to contribute or see new content, to read responses to your questions, and to meet new teachers and students. (Teachers and students will continuously be adding new content.)
  5. While it is not required, we welcome each participant to prepare and add one or two ‘conversation starter files’ relating to the theme, ‘Water Around Us’ and the guiding questions (see #3 above). These files will stimulate discussion in the VoiceThread.  Conversation starter files may be any of the following: a) images of student art; b) student-made maps; c) student-made posters; d) student-made charts, graphs or diagrams; e) photographs taken by or featuring (if permission has been granted) your students; f) videos taken by or featuring (if permission has been granted) your students; g) poems or other writings created by your students; h) i) other document types. (The file should be created in advance by participating students or students of a participating teacher.)
  6. To add a file: In All Slides View in the VoiceThread (double square, bottom right), click the large + sign, then the Upload File button (middle). Then select the file from your computer. Identify/explain your file by posting one or more comments on its VoiceThread page.

About VoiceThread

In case you didn’t know…

A VoiceThread is an online presentation that allows people to discuss media by making comments that combine voice, video, or text, and annotations. People participate whenever and wherever they want. These conversations aren’t live – they just feel that way.

All educators may register for a FREE teacher’s license to use VoiceThread. This allows single-user access to all public VoiceThreads, participation in VoiceThreads to which you are invited (as in our case), and publication of a limited number of your own VoiceThreads. For multi-user access (i.e. so all of your students can log in on their own) and unlimited publication, you may purchase a class or school account (not required for the Global Collaboration Day VoiceThreads or VoiceThreads used in OneWorld Classrooms programs).