OneWorld Classrooms

OneWorld Classrooms Around the World

Use the map below to visit schools and after-school programs that have participated in OneWorld Classrooms around the globe! At some schools, you may see student photos and art and read letters from teachers.


  • For a much more dynamic experience, click EARTH to view the schools in Google Earth. In EARTH mode, zoom with your mouse wheel!
  • The map on this page only shows some of the schools and art. Click the OneWorld Classrooms link below the map on the left; then, in the left column, scroll to the bottom and select a number under the GOOOOGLE image to see more.
  • Zoom in close at some schools to view artwork created by students who attend that school. (Look for camera icons – if you do not zoom in, you will only see one of multiple icons.)

View OneWorld Classrooms in a larger map.