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K-12 Global Art Exchange


NOTE: Registration is now OPEN for our current round (May 1, 2016 deadline for art). If you are a Peace Corps or WorldTeach Volunteer, please visit this page to learn how you may participate in the program free of charge.

Program Overview

Share original student artwork, via regular mail, with schools from around the world! Then, optionally, follow up your exchange by communicating with a global partner class via Email, VoiceThread, Skype or videoconference. This year, we are offering ‘art ambassador,’ STEAM and community themes – and an option to align the program to a specific area of your curriculum. REGISTER HERE.

Participation Options and Fees

Sponsored (free and reduced-fee) participation is available for schools in many countries. When you select your country on the registration form, it will automatically inform you if your school qualifies for sponsored participation. We welcome all Peace Corps and WorldTeach volunteers to apply for FREE sponsored participation (thanks to support from the Avery Arts Foundation and individual and school contributors). Please click here for more information if you are a PCV or WTV. The fees listed below otherwise apply.

Participation Level What’s Included Fees*
Level 1 (Standard Exchange)
  • For each exchange, you mail us 25 pieces of your students’ original artwork, and we mail you 25 pieces of original student artwork from 6-12 countries around the world that match or are close to your students’ grade level(s). This year, student art will focus on one of three strands (see below). All of the art you receive will include labels with information about the student artists and the art they created. Many schools attach photos of the students who create the art (optional).
  • Global Art Google Earth Tours – We provide password-protected access to Google Earth tours that allow you to visit all participating schools around the world, read letters from participating teachers, and see photos and scanned art from some of the schools.
  • Global Art PowerPoints – Password-protected access to PowerPoints featuring archived student art from different world regions.
  • We also provide specific participation guidelines, labels and email/phone support.
1 exchange – $120/exchange

2-4 exchanges – $100/exchange

5-10 exchanges – $80/exchange

Sponsored (free or reduced fee) participation available in some world regions.

Level 2 (Interactive Electronic Exchange)
  • Standard Exchange benefits, plus:
  • We match you with one of the global schools you receive art from for an Email, Skype, videoconference and/or VoiceThread exchange.
  • VoiceThread Access to More of Your Partner’s Art – We scan art you submit and art your partner submits and post it on a VoiceThread that only you and your partner can access and view. (Since you will receive original hard copy art from 6-12 countries, you will likely only receive a few pieces from any given school; so the VoiceThread will allow your students to see many more pieces from your partner class.) In addition, teachers and students may post follow-up audio, video or text responses on the VoiceThread (i.e. students may have an asynchronous follow-up conversation or even share additional content).
  • ‘Where in the World?’ Student Art Tracking – We track your students’ art and send you a report listing the various schools and countries where it ends up displayed. (For each exchange, your students art will typically end up being displayed in schools from 6-12 different countries.)
  • Global Roots Curriculum – We send you a set of activities that you may use before, during and after the exchange to explore the cultural origins of your students,’ their classmates and their global peers.
1 exchange – $200/exchange

2-4 exchanges – $160/exchange

5-10 exchanges – $120/exchange

Please Note: Sponsored participation is not available for Level 2.

Level 3 (Tailored Curriculum Exchange)
  • Instead of choosing a strand (see below), you choose a theme or topic from your own curriculum and your students create art for the exchange that focuses on that curricular theme. In your return package, we will include pieces of global student art that mostly focus on that same theme.
  • When you complete your follow-up Interactive Exchange with your global partner (see Level 2), the conversation will focus on your curricular theme. You may use your VoiceThread to extend the curricular discussion and coordinate additional sharing (i.e. you may post additional videos and plan with your partner for continued discussion, for example).


1 exchange – $250/exchange

2-4 exchanges – $200/exchange

5-10 exchanges – $150/exchange

Please Note: Sponsored participation is not available for Level 3.

Strands (Levels 1 & 2)

This year the exchange will feature three strands – thematic foci for your students’ art, listed below. When you are working with your students to prepare their art, you will select one of the strands and ask students to create art reflecting that strand. You will receive art that also focuses on your selected strand.

  1. Art Ambassador Strand – Your students create art that teaches their global peers about aspects of their daily life and culture (family, school, games, sports, hobbies, food, dance, music, famous people, holidays, celebrations, clothes, landscape, nature, animals, pets, transportation, traditions, myths, legends, folktales, water ways and water use, houses, buildings, architecture, religion, beliefs, responsibilities, societal problems, pollution, conflict resolution, history, cultural symbols, societal heroes, dreams and aspirations, products, trade, inventions, health, medicine, education, etc.). You may choose one specific topic for your whole class/group or multiple topics that different students focus on.
    Examples: a) Your whole class creates art about ways they celebrate. b) Your whole class creates art that depicts aspects of their environment in different seasons. c) Each student picks a different topic related to his/her daily life or culture and creates art about it.
  2. Global STEAM Strand – Your students create art that depicts how science, technology, engineering, and mathematics play a role (or will play a role) in their lives. You may choose a specific or general STEM focus.
    Examples: a) Your students depict the process and results of a science experiment you completed in class. b) Your students depict an original invention in their art. c) Your students depict future technology in their art. d) Your students render mathematical concepts, problems and solutions artistically. e) Your students depict their future career in a STEM field or their use of a STEM discovery/product.
  3. Me and My Community Strand – Your students create art that depicts themselves and/or their families and communities (local, regional, national or global).
    Examples: a) Your students create self-portraits surrounded by symbols or objects that represent who they are. b) Your students create a portrait of their families set in their local environment. b) Students explore artistically the different communities they belong to near and far.

How To Participate

Step 1: Choose a participation level (see chart above) and REGISTER HERE.

Step 2: Follow our specific participation guidelines. (Note: We will be updating these for the new round soon.)

Step 3: Mail your students’ artwork via regular mail directly to OneWorld Classrooms (in Massachusetts, USA).

Step 4: We  mail your students’ art to a variety of participating schools around the world AND we mail you artwork created by students of a similar grade level from 6-12 schools around the world.

Step 5 (optional): Travel electronically to participating schools, through Google Earth, and interact with participating students around the world, through Email, Skype, videoconference or VoiceThread.

Step 6 (optional): Align your art exchange and follow-up communication with a specific area of your curriculum.


Registration is now OPEN for our current round. REGISTER HERE.

Sponsored participation (*free or reduced fee) is available for schools in some world regions.

Registration and Mailing Deadlines

To participate, please mail your students’ art so we receive it by May 1, 2016. You may mail your students’ art ANY TIME before then. We will mail most packages of global student art to participants in May, 2016. We recommend that you register as early as possible to allow for adequate time to prepare and mail your art. We encourage you to send your art early if you can.

Participation Benefits

The K-12 Global Art Exchange is:

  • an easy way to collaborate with K-12 classrooms around the world and develop related curriculum-based lessons
  • an authentic source for learning about global cultures
  • a way for your students to practice ACTIVE global citizenship
  • aligned with Art, English Language Arts, Foreign Language and Social Studies curricula

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