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K-12 Global Art Exchange


NOTE: Registration is closed for the current round. Use the CLICK HERE TO REGISTER button on the left to get on the next round’s waiting list.

Program Overview

Share original student artwork, via regular mail, with schools from around the world! Then, optionally, travel electronically to the schools you have exchanged with and interact with students who have participated in the exchange.

The K-12 Global Art Exchange is:

  • an easy way to collaborate with K-12 classrooms around the world and develop related curriculum-based lessons
  • an authentic source for learning about global cultures
  • aligned with Art, English Language Arts, Foreign Language and Social Studies curricula
Download a flyer to print and distribute to teachers at your school or in your district!

How To Participate

Step 1: Choose a participation level (see chart below) and REGISTER HERE.

Step 2: Follow our specific participation guidelines.

Step 3: Mail your students’ artwork via regular mail directly to OneWorld Classrooms (in Massachusetts, USA).

Step 4: We  mail your students’ art to a variety of participating schools around the world AND we mail you artwork created by students of a similar grade level from a variety of locations around the world.

Step 5 (optional): Travel electronically to participating schools, through Google Earth, and interact with participating students around the world, through Email, Skype, videoconference or VoiceThread.


NOTE: Registration is closed for the current round. Use the CLICK HERE TO REGISTER button on the left to get on the next round’s waiting list.

Sponsored participation (*free or reduced fee) is available for schools in some world regions.

Participation Options and Fees

Participation Level

What’s Included


Standard Exchange

  • For each exchange, you mail us 25-35 pieces of your students’ original artwork, and we mail you 25 pieces of original student artwork from 6-12 countries around the world that match or are close to your students’ grade level(s).
  • Global Art Google Earth Tours – We provide password-protected access to Google Earth tours that allow you to visit all participating schools around the world, read letters from participating teachers, and see photos and scanned art from some of the schools.
  • Global Art PowerPoints – Password-protected access to PowerPoints featuring archived student art from different world regions.
  • We also provide specific participation guidelines, labels and email/phone support.

1 exchange – $100/exchange

2-4 exchanges – $75/exchange

5-10 exchanges – $50/exchange

Sponsored (free or reduced fee) participation available in some world regions.

Tailored/Interactive Exchange

  • Standard Exchange benefits, plus:
  • Tailored Art Exchange – You email us a list of countries/regions (that you are studying or your students or their ancestors come from) and we will send you student art from 4-8 of those countries/regions (plus art from other countries/regions).
  • Interactive Art Exchange – We match you with one of the global schools that you exchange art with for an Email Q & A Skype, videoconference or VoiceThread exchange.
  • “Where in the World?” Student Art Tracking – We track your students’ art and send you a report listing the various schools and countries in which it has been displayed.  (For each exchange, your students’ art will typically end up in 6-12 schools in different countries.)
  • Global Roots Curriculum – We send you a set of activities that you may use before, during and after the exchange to explore the cultural origins of your students, their classmates and their global peers.

1 exchange – $150/exchange

2-4 exchanges – $125/exchange

5-10 exchanges – $100/exchange

Please Note: Sponsored participation is not available for Level II.

Registration and Mailing Deadlines

To participate, please mail your students’ art so we receive it by November 15, 2015. You may mail your students’ art ANY TIME before then. We will mail most packages of global student art to participants in November, 2015.

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