OneWorld Classrooms

Professional Development for Educators

Professional Development for Educators

OneWorld Classrooms offers the following professional development workshop for K-12 schools in Greater Boston:

Going Global in the Classroom: Why and How

Like never before in human history, our reality is global. This truth is reflected in our classrooms, our neighborhoods and in the remarkably interconnected world we live in. As teachers, it is our job to prepare students for this reality. In their daily lessons, in every area of the curriculum and throughout their academic careers, we must provide students regular opportunities to:

  • investigate the world beyond their immediate environment
  • recognize their own and others’ perspectives
  • communicate their ideas effectively with diverse audiences, and
  • translate their ideas and findings into significant action

This workshop, presented by OWC Executive Director Paul Hurteau, explores why and how to ‘go global’ in your classroom. Paul is a former high school English teacher who has taught or worked at schools in Kenya, Namibia, the Amazon Rain Forest, China, Tibet, the Galapagos Islands and the Canadian Arctic. He has also conducted workshops, assemblies and residencies in hundreds of K-12 classrooms in the US Northeast; and he has led dozens of professional development workshops and courses for K-12 teachers at Teacher Centers and school districts throughout New York State.

One, two and three-hour versions of this course are available. Tailored keynotes and full-length courses are also available.

To inquire about hosting a workshop or course at your school, please contact us!