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World Classrooms Adventures: Africa

World Classroom Adventures: Africa

Please Note: We will not be running our Africa program this school year. We expect to offer it again next year. The information below is from last year and provides a general program overview. We will be aligning next year’s program more closely with the Science curriculum. If you would like to be placed on a waiting list for next year, please send an Email to

Program Overview

Our Africa program offers a unique and dynamic way for K-12 classrooms to explore their curriculum, introducing students to the geography, fauna and cultures of Africa through electronic travel and direct interaction with African students and experts. All registered schools gain password-protected access to an extensive set of electronic resources and may opt to conduct art, music, video, curriculum-based Q & A or Skype exchanges with African partner classes/schools. While your students travel in their classrooms, our team visits schools in Africa, posts new content and facilitates program exchanges. We partner with elementary, middle and high schools in Africa and can tailor your adventure to match your grade level and curriculum.

See Participation Options below and/or the program’s participation guidelines for a list of electronic resources and exchange details.

The program is aligned with EdStep’s Global Competence Matrix and includes curriculum connections in Science, Technology, Social Studies, Language Arts/Poetry, Art and Music.

Download a flyer to print and distribute to teachers at your school or in your district!

How To Participate

Step 1: Choose a participation level (see chart below) and REGISTER HERE before March 1st, 2013.

Step 2: Follow our specific participation guidelines.

Step 3: Access the program’s password-protected Google Earth tours, blog and online curriculum-based content any time during the school year after January 1, 2013.

Step 4: If applicable, Email or mail your students’ exchange materials to OneWorld Classrooms prior to our team’s trip to Africa in March (or directly to an African partner if sending after our trip).

Step 5: Contact OneWorld Classrooms via Email or phone at any point for support.

Registration and Program Dates

Registration is NOW OPEN for this program! The registration deadline is March 1, 2013; however, we encourage you to register early, especially if your Africa study occurs prior to April 1.

Classes/schools may participate ANY TIME after January 1, 2013.*

*Our team of educators/volunteers will travel to Africa in March and April, 2012/2013 and post new content from the trip starting in March. However, all other electronic content will be available – and Africa partner schools will contribute new content AND be available for project exchanges – starting on January 1.

Participation Options and Fees

Use the table below to determine which participation level best matches your class/team/school’s needs. For more detailed Participation Guidelines, please click here.

Participation Level (Alignment with
Global Competence Matrix Skills)



What’s Included




 Level 1

(Electronic Travel: Investigating the World)

  • Google Earth Tours that explore Africa, trace our team’s journey and feature photos, student artwork, activity suggestions and fun facts
  • African Adventure Team Blog, with photos, stories and curriculum-based content
  • Travel & Learn Online content
  • Activities, Lesson Ideas and Resources
  • Videos and PowerPoints contributed by African schools, including PowerPoints featuring artwork by African students
  • Mystery Safari Animals poetry contest, with an opportunity to win authentic African crafts
  • $100/class
  • $200/team of classes
    (up to 5 classes)
  • $300/school

 Level 2
(Curriculum Exploration with African Peers: Recognizing Perspectives)

  • Level benefits, plus:
  • Curriculum Exploration with African Peers and Experts (you submit your students’ specific, curriculum-based questions and our team sends back multimedia answers from African students and experts)

  • $200/class
  • $300/team of classes (up to 5 classes)
  • $400/school

 Level 3

(Taking Local and Global Action)

  • Level 2 benefits, plus:
  • Video, Art & Music Exchanges with African schools (US and Africa classrooms share videos, music and art that reflect their cultures, lives and efforts to make a local and global difference).

  • $300/class
  • $400/team of classes (up to 5 classes)
  • $500/school

 Level 4

(Skype: Communicating Ideas)

  • Canopy benefits, plus your choice of Skype sessions with:
  • Students and teachers in Africa
  • OneWorld Classrooms Adventure Team Leader, Paul Hurteau
  • Experts on Africa, including indigenous leaders, indigenous crafts makers, scientists and more!

  • $400/class
  • $500/team of classes (up to 5 classes)
  • $600/school


Travel with Our Team

Interested in joining our traveling team? Please click here for information.

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