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The Galapagos Islands
The Amazon Rain Forest
The Andes Mountain Region
Incredible Animals of the Galapagos -- Math-based guess-who animal poems, with audio.
Children of the Amazon -- A field trip via slides, poetry and fact pages to a rain forest village, hosted by children who live there. Tur de Quito -- A tour of art and architecture on the streets of Quito, the capital of Ecuador -- in Spanish.
On Wings of Waves  -- A photo-poetic flyover of the islands, with audio, quotes from Herman Melville's Las Encantadas and lesson ideas and links for teachers. The Song of the Harpy Eagle -- A musical adventure up an emergent kapok tree to meet rain forest animals and learn 'the wisdom of the wild,' featuring math, science and language arts curriculum connections. Baños: Where the Rain Forest Begins -- A photo tour of Baños, an Andes mountain town on the edge of the Amazon Rain Forest, featuring Spanish and English.
Mystery Animal Profiles -- Guess-who photo puzzles, with a language arts twist (comparison). Amazin' Amazon Mystery Animals -- A guess-who poetry safari featuring fascinating rain forest animals. International Art Gallery: Chile -- Artwork by Chilean students participating in OneWorld Classrooms.
Cutest of the Cute -- A fun language arts based animal pageant, with a built in math activity. The Amazon River Elementary School Web Site -- The first Amazon rain forest elementary school Web site on the Internet, featuring students from grades 1-6 exploring the themes of festival, games, family, plants, animals and culture. Spanish-English Animal Cognates -- Spanish animal words that resemble their English counterparts, with audio. 

Field Trip to the Escuela Tomas de Berlanga-- A school tour on Santa Cruz Island, featuring Tomas de Berlanga students.

The Amazon Rain Forest School Project's E-Travel Logs -- Travel logs sent by our project adventure team when they traveled through the Amazon rain forest of Ecuador.
E-Travel Logs Sent from the Galapagos -- Our team traveling in the Galapagos shares their most exciting adventures with you. International Art Gallery: The Amazon Rain Forest -- Artwork created by Amazon Rain Forest children participating in OneWorld Classrooms.   
International Art Gallery: The Galapagos Islands -- Artwork by Galapagos students participating in OneWorld Classrooms.    
The Latin America Classroom Package -- A set of Amazon Rain Forest and Galapagos Islands-themed links, lesson ideas, reading materials and fun activity suggestions that help teachers connect the project to all areas of the curriculum.

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